वन्यजीवों की बहुलता स्वस्थ प्रकृति का सूचक होता है। जब प्रकृति स्वस्थ होगी तब ही हम भी स्वस्थ रह पाएंगे।
सोचो अगर धरती से सारे वन्यजीव समाप्त हो जायेंगे, तो क्या होगा? फिर ये धरती कैसी दिखाई देगी? जंगलों की अंधाधुंध कटाई और मानव की मनमानी की वजह से आज पूरी दुनिया में ऐसे कई जीव हैं, जो विलुप्त होने के कगार पर आ चुके हैं। हालांकि जैव-विविधता के मामले में अपने भारत की स्थिति अभी भी अच्छी है। पर कई लाइफ सेंचुरीज और एनिमल पार्क होने के बावजूद बढ़ते प्रदुषण और शिकार किये जाने की वजह से इन पर खतरा मंडरा रहा है।
इनके प्रति पूरी दुनिया के लोगो में जागरूकता लाने के लिए 4 अक्टूबर को ‘वर्ल्ड एनिमल डे’ के रूप में मनाया जाता है। इस लेख में हमने भारत के ऐसे जानवरों का भी ज़िक्र किया है जिनके जीवन पर सबसे ज्यादा खतरा मंडरा रहा है.

List of Most Endangered Wild Animal Species of India

Indian Tiger

The All members of Felide family,which includes three great cats Asiatic Lion,Bengal Tigers,wild cats and leopard, found in India are not in the so good population, Because of the excessive poaching, big cats in India are on the verge of extinction. There is only 1411 Royal Bengal Tiger left in India, Asiatic or great India lion only found in Gir national park. One of the most endangered species of felide family is snow leopard, found only in Himalaya Ranges. Snow leopard along with another felide member clouded leopard are the two highly endangered species of big cats found now only with great range of Himalayas.

royal Bengal tiger

Indian Dolphin

The Ganges River Dolphin is member of Cetacea family,which includes marine mammals porpoises and whales. Dolphins primarily found in the Ganges and Brahmaputra Rivers and their tributaries in India. They share their habitat with crocodiles, fresh water turtles. The blind Dolphin of holy river Ganges is the National Aquatic Animal of India.The India Rive shark is also listed as one of the endangered Species in India.



The gharial is one of the three crocodilians found in India the longest of all living crocodilians. The holy river Ganage is one the most habitat of the Gharial in India,the king of rivers also found in Chambal,Irrawady and Brahmaputra rivers. The gharial is listed as a most critically endangered species in India. Mass Gharial Deaths in Chambal river is still a mystery, one of the major cause is “polluted river water”.


Indian Bustard

The Great Indian bustard is one of the world’s heaviest flying birds is one of such rarest birds of Indian Sub continent. The Bird is found only in some parts of Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. Less than a thousand survive today and the species is threatened by hunting and loss of its habitat. Indian Vulture is another Endangered birds of India,vultures were being found dead and dying throughout India. Indian King Vulture found sharply in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Uttar pradesh.


Indian Rhinoceros

The Great Indian Rhinoceros also called as One Horned Rhinoceros found in India. The Indian Rhinoceros has a single black horn which is present in both male and female species. The Great Indian Rhinoceros is the fourth largest animal in the world. The large endangered mammal is primarily found in parts of north-eastern India, Today about 3,000 rhinos live in the wild, 2,000 of which are found in Manas and Kaziranga National Park Assam. Excessive hunting for its horn, reduced their natural habitat drastically.


Black Buck

Black buck also known as Kala Hiran is a species of antelope found mainly in India. It is one of the most beautiful and graceful animals of antelope species in India. Due to extensive poaching and habitat loss, black buck populations have been reduced drastically. The Antelopes of India can be seen in a a few protected areas like the Guindy National park Tamil Nadu, Rollapadu Andhra Pradesh and Chilka (Orissa) other than few parts of Rajasthan and Hariyana, Punjab is declared Black buck as state animal.


Indian Wild Ass

Indian wild ass also called khur is a subspecies of Asiatic wild ass found only in Rann of Kutch. Its last refuge lies in the Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary, Little Rann of Kutch and its surrounding areas of the greater Rann of Kutch in the Gujarat. The figure is 362, hence it was classified as a highly endangered species in India.

Indian Wild Dog

Indian Wild Dog or Dhole is one of the top predators of wild forest,living in packs, hunting cooperatively and highly social animals. Asiatic wild dogs is also called the whistling hunter, because it has an extraordinary vocal call. Dhole is found in national parks of Assam, Bengal, Gujarat, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh, and Nilgiri Biosphere reserve of south India. It is estimated that only 2500 Dholes are left in the wild. Threats to the dhole species include habitat destruction and loss of its main prey. There is a documentary available in Nat Geo as “The PACK”, which was one of the best documentary ever made on Asiatic wild dogs.


Nilgiri Langur

The Nilgiri Langur found in the Nilgiri Hills of the Western Ghats in South India. Its range also includes Kodagu in Karnataka, Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu and many other hilly areas in Kerala. The Nilgiri Black Langur is a member of one of the 13 species of monkeys found in India,which is endangered due to deforestation and poaching for its fur and flesh. Indian golden langur is also falls in the same category of endangered animals of India. Image source: Vijay


Red Panda

The beautiful and endangered species,Indian Red Panda is also known by the name of Red Fox. From the two kinds of Red Pandas in the world, only one variety is found in India. India has 20 protected areas with Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and West Bengal’s Khangchendzonga and Namdapha National Park. The endangered Red Panda live in temperate climates, in deciduous and coniferous forests, usually with an understorey of bamboo and hollow trees.

तो मित्रों, क्यों न आज से हम भी जानवरों को बचाने का संकल्प लें, क्या कहते हैं?