बेटी तो घर की शान होती है,
मम्मी की परछाई, पापा की जान होती है.
ये बात सच है सौ आने,
हर दान से बड़ी, कन्यादान होती है.

The above presented lines were written by Mrs. Anuradha Prasad, current Principal of Swarnima Academy.
Dear Friends, National Daughters Day have been widely known to be celebrated on September 26 and even the fourth Sunday of September. Some people even tag National Daughters Day to be on October 1. This is the day the parents should make their daughters feel that they are not a burden, especially in India, and that they are blessed to have wonderful daughters as their children.

World Daughters Day is celebrated on September 28. Parents convey their unending devotion and adoration for their daughters through wishes of Happy Daughters Day and shower lavish gifts to make them feel special. International Daughter’s Day is also known to be celebrated on September 4 of each year. The day of Daughters Day celebration varies from country to country.

The concept of National Daughters Week is not very much hyped till date. So it is difficult to identify Daughters Week 2015. Daughters Week dates have not been officially declared anywhere. More about When is Daughters Day 2015