Today, exam stress is a big part of the student life. While this article can’t make the exam stress go away, hopefully it should help all the students to deal with some of the stress that they might be feeling and that in turn will allow them to focus on their exams.

In such a scenario, students are bound to find, at certain times, that they are unable to deal with the tiring and endless demands of these examinations. This ultimately leads to stress which can manifest in several physical and emotional ways. Some of the more common ones are listed below:

*Difficulties in Sleeping
*Lack of Appetite/ Over Eating
*Headache And Various Other Body Pains
*Inability To Concentrate On The Tasks At Hand
*Low Self Esteem

Ms. Kavita Sahay, Director, HR & Academics, Vibgyor High, shares some unique methods for students that can be kept in mind to overcome Exam Stress:

Revise Effectively- Plan a Schedule ahead of the Examinations/Tests. A good technique is to have a quick daily revision of the work done in class. This will keep you well prepared for a surprise test.

Practice regularly- Attempt past papers. Devote time to solving at least one paper of each subject once a month. This will help you to become familiar with the questioning style and technique, the layout and structure of the paper and the marks.

Learn Diligently – Definitions, statements, terms, spellings, chemical equations, valency, mathematical formulas and tables, should be learnt thoroughly. If you know these really well, then you will not spend much time trying to remember them in the exam.

Equip Yourself – Prepare your exam kit well in advance. Ensure that you have all the paraphernalia and the requisite stationery: compass box, pouch (transparent), pens, pencils, erasers, even calculators and batteries (wherever applicable) and a transparent writing board.

It’s not only the students who require Exam Stress Management Tips, as the Exam Date comes close it’s also the parents who panic at the time of exams. Listed below are a few tips for the Parents to guide their children to keep a positive frame of mind and eventually improve their performance.

1. Support your child/children by being optimistic about exams/tests.
2. Be aware of what is happening in class. Have a daily feedback session.
3. Check whether your child is doing the classwork and homework satisfactorily.
4. Attend PTMs regularly and feel free to take appointments with Coordinators and Teachers to discuss matters pertaining to academics.
5. Encourage your child/children to share learning issues with you.
6. Ensure that you provide your child/children as well as have a balanced nutritious diet and enough of water.
7. Recite prayers, meditate, practice yoga or any other exercise, watch your favourite TV show and read the newspaper.
8. Discuss the exam/test papers if that helps your child/children.
9. Relax, unwind, let all positive thoughts and feelings revitalize and energize you.
10. Smile often, it will keep the worry lines away, make you feel better and also boost your child/children’s confidence.

After Working Hard and Preparing for almost a year for the Exam Day, the most crucial part is the technique to handle the Pressure on the Exam Day. Below are a few of the tactics to deal with the same:
1. Arrive in time for the exam so that you can familiarize yourself with the exam hall, the seating arrangement and the desk and chair you is provided.
2. Request your invigilator for assistance if you need any.
3. Read the questions carefully. Understand the demand/s of each question before answering it.
4. Manage your time so that you are able to complete the papers as well as have a few minutes for a quick revision.
5. Do not waste time over questions. You can skip questions you do not understand (come back to them later), first answer those that you know.
6. Answer according to the marks allocated.
7. Your presentation should be clear and neat. Underline, use inverted commas, and leave lines when required. Legible handwriting          will be much appreciated by your examiners.
8. Label your answers correctly, especially when they are not in order.
9. Show you’re working out and planning.
10. If you wish to omit something, then cancel it out neatly.

Relax – Before, during and after Examinations/Tests. This is very important to your physical and mental well being. Learn to relax. Always remember to think positively.

Meditation or saying a personal prayer always helps. Exercising or practicing any yoga really teaches you to keep calm in case of any of the trickiest situations.

Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet and get plenty of rest and sleep. You don’t wish to be sick while writing a paper.

Lastly, it’s just an Exam, and not the end of the world!