How can my child be creative? How can creativity come in educational system? Why is creativity important?

Let us understand it a bit sanely.

Starting with the golden question :

Who are creative people?

Accepting the fact that not all of us are creative is the most self-destructive thing that we can do to ourselves. It is the biggest lie that is sold in education, and a lie that we keep close to our hearts, without even trying to see, whether it is true or not.
We don’t need “big brains” and “bright” minds to be creative, we don’t need those creativity classes and best-selling novels. The fact that not all of us “are” creative but “can be” creative has been a part of educational discourse for decades now. We are shown these role models everywhere, we are taught that they are like some demi-gods of the modern-age.Teacher says to student- He invented this and that. So, You have to do this, to be like that.!!!! While the publisher thinks – Let us make some money by selling their stories, like some Epic Heroic tale of the tech age.
I say drop that crap down, at least now.

There is no such distinction – “normal” people and “creative” people.
I am not even saying it in a motivational tone like ” everybody can be creative, you have to find your way and work hard“. What I am trying to say is different, actually beyond that.

I am stressing that each one of us, all living beings are inherently, continuously creative.

Creativity is a product of basic Darwinian struggle for survival. We create to survive. All the technological marvels and complexities that we have achieved are nothing but reflections of the same struggle for survival. It might seem like trivializing creativity, but most of what we create is supranatural for us only.
Humans are grossly self-important :-). Whatever we do holds no specific importance in the vast scheme of universe, but still we celebrate our creative expression. Therefore, whatever we create is graded and appreciated in a human-centric world. There is no absolute parameter for grading the creativity that we possess. This is important for educators because they are responsible for appreciation of creativity that students possess, and if they don’t understand what is creativity than they might miss the target.
Creativity is generally related to novelty, in fact in reality most creativity is anything but novelty. Humans learnt the art of weaving from birds. We learnt to make structural marvels from termites and spiders. We learnt so much from our surroundings. Our greatest invention language is itself a huge ensemble of nature’s sounds.

So, if creativity is natural to every living being then what should be appreciated and what should be not ? Before that, I would like to speak out through these pictures.


This is a work of a creative man. Who’s “mind thinks differently” and is the “creative messiah” of the tech age.


This is the work of a man (Dashrath Manjhi) who didn’t know about stocks, shares and programming languages. He never received classes to enhance creativity. In fact, he never received education. He just knew that way to welfare is a road through the mountain and he spent 18 years of his life to turn that into reality.
This is the work of a man who didn’t know how to write. Most of our ancestors were clicking tongues and watching stars while this happened.


This is the work of an insect. Its race has been doing this for millenia.
If creating artificial marvels is the thing to be appreciated, then we are hugely mistaken. Our marvels beautify an imperfect world beyond which there is a microbial world that is astoundingly perfect !!.

This sense of achievement is narrow and illusory.
Fine.. but is there anything that we do awesomely ?.. that make us Human !

In this era of money-driven growth, true human expression is rarely talked in school education. But there are arts of works that separate us from the world we live in. These works of art make us unique, these make us the culmination of evolution and establish us as beings of spirit. One of such artefacts is Mobius Strip.
Keeping that facet of creativity aside. I think I made my point, a bit vaguely and with a lot of chaos. But I think I made it..
Being creative is the most undying quality which we have inherited from nature. Stop forcing creativity !, follow your instincts and it will come out eventually. Stop being a prey to this self-annihilating hypocrisy that you are not creative,  because you are.. you are already doing it !!