It is natural that student gets stressed in the days of exam, though how much he is prepared for exam. Exam stress varies for different students. Usually those student are less subjected to exam stress who have made full preparation throughout the whole session and are confident of their high grades.

While the student who is not well prepared for exam, he may be more stressed in the days of exam. Exam stress is the worry of “If I fail in exam”. This worry will not let you study in exam and effects your the study adversely. You should know how to cope with exam stress. A little stress is good that keeps you motivated but don’t let the exam stress overcome you because :

  1.  It hinders study of student and preparation for the coming paper. A student cannot concentrate on his study or sometimes he may even close his book because he can’t study due this stress.
  2.  A fully prepared student, who needs just one time revision for paper, become unable to revise his  course.
  3.  While solving the paper, student cannot concentrate on paper, he may write wrong things and he may leave some question un attempted.
  4.  It reduces your grades in exam.
  5.  It can become cause of the illness of a student. Diarrhea etc

Think if you study only in the little time of exam, you can get good grades.

         Suppose you are not well prepared for exam because you have not studied throughout the whole session, you should think that if you study only in the little time (one or two days for each paper) exam, you can get good marks. Such self encouragement can reduce your stress as well as enables you to study well.
We have seen many students who are not prepared for exam but utilizing the little time of exam they get very high marks.

Visualize success instead of negative thoughts of failure.

Have the hope of success. Never think of failure during the days of exam. If you are thinking about failure during the exam, it means you are inviting stress to overcome you. Never think like “what if I fail in the coming paper”. Have positive thoughts and say to yourself that exam is very easy and I will do well in exam because I am intelligent student.

Don’t ask your friend about his preparation.

          Usually students call their friends to ask about their preparation during exam. It is not good because if you ask your friend and you come to know that he has revised and prepared more chapters than you, you start thinking, “oh I am lagging behind, I may not be able to complete the chapters before papers”. It increases your stress.
Similarly, if your friend is more stressed and you come to know about, his stress influences you as well.

Think about the time you have utilized for study not about the time you have wasted.

In exam never think about the time you have wasted throughout session. It is no use now, so forget about it now. Think about the time in which you studied, it will give you courage and stress will not overcome you. Start preparation for coming paper.

Take things light – Be Brave

If thought of failure is disturbing too much, don’t lose temper and think “No one is going to shoot me if I fail in exam. Think I am trying my level best no matter if I fail. Think that many other students are also appearing in the exam, if the paper will be difficult, it will be equally difficult for all, not for only me. Take things light during exam and start your study rather paying attention to things which increase your stress.

Have strong faith in your God.

Don’t disappoint and have trust in your God that he will do well to you.

Start preparation from the beginning of the session.

              Start your study and preparation from the beginning of the session, do not wait until the exam starts. If you are fully prepared for exam, you would have no fear during exam. So to avoid exam stress you should start your efforts from the first day of session.