By Administrator : Children must’ve creative thinking as well as tactical or logical thinking. It inspires them to grow beyond the limits, and achieve what they want. But they can’t achieve it themselves, they need someone. That someone is nobody, it’s you! It is a truth that children are most likely feel proud with their parents. So, it’s your duty to give them everything, they want to be in their life.

Involve your children in positive conversation.

Avoid using negative words, like no, not, don’t, etc. Simply changing a firm “no” to “I’m sorry, but now is not a good time. We can do it ___________.” Be sure that the language you use is uplifting and creates a pleasant environment.

Notice what makes your child smile.

When you see that positive outward response to your words of praise, then take particular note of the time, the words you used, and as many of the circumstances surrounding the event as you can remember. And be sure to use them again. Repetition reinforces positive outcomes.

Salute your child’s achievements.

When your child brings home a great report card and you know she worked hard for that “A”, then take the moment to say how proud you are of her hard work! Celebrate milestones- they pass quickly!

“Children are WONDERS, because they’ve great talent of WANDERING!”          
~ Jairaj Prasad (Admin)

Initiate genuine words.

Praising your child for something about which you are not earnest will set the wrong pattern. Be sure the words you choose to use come from a genuine heart- kids can read pretense like no one.

Reinforce positive behavior with rewards.

Set rules that give opportunity for success; success then has its rewards.

Encourage your child with smiles, hugs and laughter.

When there are no words, either because you’re too tired to think of any, or the situation makes you feel like crying for whatever reason, the simple choice to smile and hug your child in the moment can make all the difference in the world.

“You’re never too BIG, that you can’t take a BOOK and READ for them.” 

          ~Dr. Seuss

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